REdVOLT Audio is passionate about games. From Mario to God of War, we are reminded that great games come to life when they sound great. From original music to character vocalizations; from sound design to audio implementation; we make more noise before lunch than most people do all day.

21 Nov, 2013

Tower Defense gets crazy mythic in this hilariously holy twisted title from Redrocket Games and Yodo1! REdVOLT Audio was tapped to create original music and sound design for an army of gods, exploding sheep, the Hard-Headed Hydra and Cletus the Intestinally Unstable!

Tilt... Run... DESTROY!

The geniuses at One Man Left have done it again. The sequel to their wildly successful Tilt to Live franchise provided the inspiration for REdVOLT Audio's crazy sound design and epic music, available now on Bandcamp. Click here for the soundtrack!

Stack Rabbit

Disney's Stack Rabbit is here! Hop in and play a wild new puzzle adventure from Disney and the creators of Where's My Water! With a bounty of bouncing bunnies to feed, Ben the rabbit must sneak into the nearby farm and steal enough veggies to feed the kids! But watch out - Max the guard dog is always keeping a watchful eye on the farm's veggies!

Testdrive the REdVOLT experience right now! Randomly select music tracks below, and listen as we seamlessly transition between them. Our music compositions move with the intensity of your game! We love this stuff!

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